A full back needs to be quick, strong in the tackle, and a good ball handler. The ability to use a range of passes and kicks will also make a better full back. As well as having great potential for attack, full backs also have to be prepared to make tackles in defensive situations.

Full backs need to be quick if they want to overlap the winger when on the attack. They need strong tackling skills to stop the ball carrier driving through the defense, many of these tackles may be at full speed, and stretch, which makes them harder to execute.

Rugby Positions

Confidence in catching and handling the ball both on the ground, and in the air, is important so that the ball is under control instantly. Once the ball is under control full backs must quickly look for a player in a better position. If they cannot find one then they should look to carry the ball, unless they are being closed down quickly from all angles. In this situation they may have to kick the ball into touch or up field to chase.

Good points to attack are between the centers or between the center and wing player, and if the run is timed correctly the full back can receive the ball at full pace, and drive through a gap in the oppositions defense.

A counter attack is a good option from this position if the full back can steal the ball from an aimless kick or handling error from the opposition.