Playing the scrum-half position is one of the most important roles within a team. The scrum-half is the link between the backs and forwards. Every time the scrum-half is in possession of the ball a quick decision of whether to kick, run, or pass will have to be made.

Communication is key to a teams success. The scrum-half will need to be able to call the shots at line outs, and scrums, and decide which side to attack following a ruck or maul. Also, this player will need to be able to spot and exploit the opposition's weaknesses and have a good range of passing from the ground.

Rugby Positions

From an opposition put in, the scrum-half should be the player that tackles first should they use a back row attack down the left side. They should also apply pressure to the opposing scrum-half. On their own put in the scrum-half must provide a constant threat and be able to deliver the ball to either side comfortably. Protection of the ball is very important to stop opponents stealing the ball. From this position, the scrum-half must also be able to kick accurately.

The same can be said from the line out where the scrum-half needs to be able to pass and kick accurately, as within open play.