To play as a prop players must enjoy the contact side of the game and be very strong. Broad shoulders and a short neck are other advantages because of the force applied through the spine.

The main jobs of the props in the scrum are to support the hooker to help them win the ball. The tight head prop should hold a strong, square position, and the loose head should attempt to resist the oppositions force.

Rugby Positions

When it comes to line outs the props assist the jumper and protect them when they land with the ball. They may even receive the ball from the jumper then they must pass it back to their scrum half. If the opposition are throwing the ball in they just have to close the gaps in the line out and apply pressure to opposition players.

In open play props must be prepared to join rucks and mauls, tackle opposing ball carriers, and help protect the ball after it is caught from kick off.

To set up for the scrum props need to join with the hooker, wrap their arm around the hookers back to their opposite hip. Props should keep a wide stance, with their back flat keeping shoulders above the hips. As props engage with the opposition they need to drive up slightly, and then stay as still as possible.

The props usually stand in positions 1 and 3 in the line out, 1 being closest to the sideline. Here, they are in position to protect the jumper who will normally stand between both props.

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