Half Marathon

Below we have training schedules for beginners wanting to run their first half marathon, developing runners who expect to run for up to an hour a day, five days a week as well as an advanced training plan for someone aiming to run under 1hour 25 mins.

This 12 week schedule is perfect for a beginner runner and a first-time half-marathoner whose goal is simply to finish the 13.1-mile race. To start this plan, you should have been running for at least two months and should have a base mileage of about 8-10 miles per week. If you haven't already had a physical, visit your doctor for a check-up to get the OK to train for a Half Marathon.

To start this plan, you should already be running about 30 to 60 minutes a day, about five days a week. Use this 12-week training schedule below to help you run a personal best (PB) in your next half-marathon.

This program is for serious athletes with a good quality base and experience of the various sessions required. The schedule will take you up to over 50 miles a week, so not for the faint-hearted.

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