Lobs & Overhead Shots

The lob is used to put the ball over an opponents head. Learn how to put top spin on to make the shot more efficient. Overhead shots include the smash.

The overhead smash is used when an opponent attempts a lob and either executes it poorly or allows the player to read and adjust to it. This is a shot that if performed correctly should end the point. Using power, placement, or a combination of the two to do so.

This shot can be hit with one or two hands. The one handed shot is harder to disguise and needs a continental grip to execute it. Using the continental grip player must again use the low to high swing path and end up with the racket above the head on the stronger side of the body (right for a right handed player).

The topspin forehand lob is very difficult to return once it has gone over the head of an opponent because when the ball bounces the topspin takes it even further away from the player chasing it. This means when it is executed properly a high percentage of these shots will be winners, so it is a good shot to have in the locker.

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