Serve & Return

Here we focus on serves and returning a serve including top spin serve, slice serve, flat serve and thrust launch serve.

Make sure the player is not standing too far from the spin side as this will make it difficult for them to return the ball after it spins low and further away from them.

This shot can be used to clear the net at height then curve left in the air and at the bounce. The serve technique also means that it can be hit quite hard.

This is a less powerful serve, but in theory it should give players more accuracy and spin than the flat serve. The ball stays low and spins away to the left from the opponent.

This is the standard serve, and where all other types of serve originate from. It is the serve that all beginners would learn and develop from.

This is basically the same as the flat serve except more power is generated by keeping the feet together when jumping to reach the ball. The body weight still has to be shifted forward as the ball is tossed but the back leg also comes forward to meet the front leg for the jump.

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