This is the standard serve, and where all other types of serve originate from. It is the serve that all beginners would learn and develop from.


Right hand (above), left hand (below)

However, when executed correctly it can the only fatal blow needed to win a point, either through being non-returnable or resulting in a return that can be finished off with the next shot.

How: For right-handed players: Start by standing just behind the baseline with both feet at a 45-degree angle to the line, and shoulder width apart. The racket should be held using the eastern grip. Both hands start relaxed around the level of the waist, with the left hand holding the ball with the palm facing up.

The next stage is to lower both arms together, taking the racket back, and making sure the weight is on the back foot. The racket must continue going back whilst the left arm is extended to throw the ball. The ball is released at the highest point with fingers pointing up to the sky, but only when the backswing reaches the end.

The racket then starts the forward motion and should connect with the ball as the player's weight shifts forward, and the shoulders, and hips rotate to gain power.

The racket head should end up going down to the left across the body on the follow through.

Points to remember: Snap the wrist on contact to gain even more power.

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