The aim is to improve concentration, anticipation, footwork, and volleys,

How: 1 player starts on 1 side of the net with the ball around the service line and is called the king/queen. 3 or 4 players start on the other side of the net by the baseline these players are the challengers.

The first challenger must step up to the service line. The king/queen starts the drill by hitting the ball to the challenger, then a volleying rally takes place, and continues until 1 player wins the point.

If the king/queen wins then they stay that side of the net and another challenger steps up. However if the challenger wins they then become the king/queen, and the king/queen that has just been beaten joins the back of the challenger queue.


  • Play to best of 3 points or play a full scoring game.

Coaching Points:

  • Players should be encouraged to use the correct technique and grip even when under pressure.
  • They should also be encouraged to hit both backhand and forehand volleys.