The aim is to improve doubles play, lobs, net shots, and footwork.

How: Team 1 start on a baseline, team 2 start up at the net on the opposite side. A player from team 2 hits the ball to team 1 to start the drill. A player from team 1 then has to hit a lob shot and try to clear team 2 with it.

If the lob falls short then team 2 can try an overhead smash to win the point. However if the lob successfully clears team 2 then they have to run after it, attempt a return and try to get back into the net.

This drill carries on until each point is won or lost. Team 1 are only allowed to lob.

Swap roles and repeat and the drill


  • Team 1 can hit any shot

Coaching Points:

  • Try to encourage team 1 to attack the net if they hit a successful lob.