The aim is to improve doubles play, ground strokes, net shots, and communication.

How: Team 1 starts on one baseline and team 2 starts on the other baseline. Team 1 starts with the ball.

Team 1 serves the ball to start the drill and the point is played out until a team wins the point. Whichever team wins the point must step up to the service line to start the next point.

If the same team wins the next point as well then they would move right up to the net and start the point from there. However if they lost it they would have to go back to the baseline and the team that won would move up to the service line.

If a team makes it up to the net, but loses the next point they must retreat all the way to the baseline. This means a team must win 3 consecutive points to win a game.

Once a game has been won, the other team serves the next game. First to win 5 games wins the match.

Coaching Points:

  • Get players to use all types of spin and different shots to try and make it harder for the opposition to return the ball.