The aim is to improve doubles play, lobs, and overheads

How: There are 2 teams for this drill, each team consists of 3 players. 2 players start on each baseline, and then 2 players up at the net, 1 either side of it.

The net player on team 1 starts with the ball and plays it to 1 of the baseline players on team 2. The 4 baseline players are only allowed to hit lob shots, so their aim is to lob the ball over the head of the net player on the opposite team.

The net players cannot move out of the service boxes to hit a ball, but if a lob falls short it is the net players job to hit an overhead and try and win a point for their team.

Scoring works the same way as normal doubles, play best of 3 or 5 games.

Swap roles and repeat and the drill


  • Play it as a normal doubles game so any player can hit any shot, and the net players are there to make the baseline players think harder about where to return the ball.

Coaching Points:

  • Try and get baseline players to hit topspin and backspin lobs.
  • Get net players to think about both power and placement on overheads.