The aim is to improve footwork, movement, changing of direction, and the serving and volleying game.

How: Player 1 starts in the service position behind the baseline, then serves the ball to player 2 who starts near the baseline on the opposite side of the net. After player 1 serves they follow the ball into the net to hit a volley, as player 2 attempts to return the ball at player 1's feet or pass them down the line.

Swap roles and repeat the drill.


  • Players can make this into a full game but the server must use the serve and volley tactic on every point.

Coaching Points:

  • The server should try and hit a serve with as much power and spin as possible to make it difficult for the player returning to hit a winner.
  • The player returning the ball should aim to pass the server down the line or hit the ball at the servers feet, forcing the server to hit the ball up to clear the net and leave an easy winner.