The aim is to improve footwork, movement and changing of direction.

How: Player 1 starts just behind the baseline in the middle of the court. Player 2 starts the other side of the net just behind the service line, again in the middle of the court.

Player 2 starts the drill by hitting the ball to player 1's forehand side, wide enough to make player 1 move for the return. Player 1 hits the ball back to player 2 who then sends the ball to the opposite side for player 1 to hit a backhand.

This is repeated again, but after player 1 has returned their second backhand, player 2 then hits the ball to the backhand side again making player 1 turn back quickly after running towards the center.

Swap roles and repeat the drill.


  • Let player 2 hit the ball to either side randomly to keep player 1 on their toes.
  • Have both players start on the baseline and compete in a baseline rally both making each other change direction.
  • Player 2 can hit the ball anywhere on the court to make player 1 change direction, but player 1 should aim to get back to the starting point after each shot.

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure footwork is effective
  • Make sure grip, and technique are correct.