The aim is to improve forehand on the run, recovery, and footwork.

How: More than 1 ball will be needed for this drill.

Player 1 starts on the baseline at one end inside their backhand side doubles tramline. This position is known as base. Player 2 starts at the net on the other side of the court.

Player 2 hits the ball towards player 1 who can return the ball down the line, or cross court on the forehand. The second ball that player 2 hits should be to the center of the court making player 1 run to the ball, hit a forehand shot, and run back to base.

As player 1 gets back to base player 2 can then hit another ball to the far side of the court for player 1 to chase down and hit a forehand return.

This drill continues until player 1 misses a return. Players swap roles and repeat the drill.


  • Practice it on the backhand side
  • Move the base to the center of the baseline and then player 2 can hit either side of player 1, so player 1 doesn't know where the next ball is going.
  • Move the base up to the center of the service boxes, and get player 2 to hit short angled volleys for player 1 to chase and return.
  • Pick a spot for player 1 to try and hit

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure the footwork is effective to reach each shot
  • Check for correct technique, grips etc. even when the players are under pressure.