The aim is to improve all shots and footwork.

How: This type of drill can be made as easy or as difficult as players want.

A simple drill: Player 1 starts at the net and player 2 starts at the opposite baseline. Player 2 hits the ball and player 1 has to forehand and backhand volley the ball back to player 2.

A hard drill: Both players start at opposite baselines by the center mark. Player 1 hits a forehand deep to player 2. Player 2 returns the ball deep using a backhand ground stroke.

Player 1 then hits an approach shot and follows into the net, player 2 returns the ball for a drop volley from player 1. Player 2 runs into the net and hits a lob, player 1 retreats and hits an overhead.

If the ball can be kept in play the drill is repeated, but the players should have swapped roles.


  • Add in more shots
  • Take away some shots
  • Focus on the weak areas of both players games.

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure the footwork is effective to reach each shot
  • Check for correct technique, grips etc. even when the players are under pressure.