The aim is to improve footwork, and net play.

How: Players 1 and 2 start on opposite baselines. Player 1 hits the ball to player 2, and after hitting the ball moves two paces towards the net. Player 2 then returns the ball to player 1, and player 2 takes a couple of steps towards the net.

This continues until both players are up at the net volleying the ball back and forth between them.


  • This drill can be played with 4 players, each player on both teams hitting alternate shots, and both players on a team move forward after their team have hit the ball. It may be best to start with just one team moving in and the other team staying back until both teams are confident in what to do.
  • Come into the net faster.

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure the footwork is effective to reach each shot
  • Check for correct technique, grips etc. even when the players are under pressure.