The aim is to improve ground strokes, volleys, strategies, and footwork

How: Player 1 starts behind 1 baseline with a ball, and player 2 starts behind the opposite baseline. Player 1 hits the ball to player 2 and the rally begins.

It is then player 2's job to choose the right moment to shout 'come in'. When this phrase is used player 1 must run in to the net and play the rest of the rally from there.

Player 2 should try and time the shout to expose player 1 and make it easy to pass or lob player 1.

Swap roles and repeat the drill.


  • Make it so both players can call out the phrase.
  • Do not allow lobs.

Coaching Points:

  • Players should be encouraged to use the correct technique and grip even when under pressure.
  • Footwork should be correct when coming in to the net, and across the baseline.