The aim is to improve a players overall game, and fitness.

How: This drill can be played with as few as 3 players, but especially for youngsters it would be better to use 4 or more.

When using 4 players, players 1 and 2 can start behind a baseline and players 3 and 4 can stand behind the opposite baseline. Player 1 starts with the ball and hits a ground stroke to player 3.

After player 1 has hit the ball they must run round to the other side of the net in a clockwise direction and stand behind player 4. Whilst this happens player 3 returns the ball to player 2. Player 3 then runs around the net.

Each player takes it in turn to hit the ball and run around to the other side. The drill keeps going until a player misses the ball or returns it out of court. The player who missed the shot loses a life. All players start on 5 lives.


  • Start players on less lives, maybe 3 or even 1.

Coaching Points:

  • Players should be encouraged to use the correct technique and grip even when under pressure.