This volley can be used on the forehand or backhand side. This type of shot often occurs for a serve and volley player. This means a player who likes to serve and follow the serve into the net. If the player doesn't get into the net fast enough they will be forced to play and approach volley, usually somewhere around the service line.

Tennis Volleys

How: Using the continental grip players are required to stop quickly as they make their way into the net to gain control of the approach volley. If a player is still running when hitting the ball it makes the volley almost impossible to control, and the ball could end up anywhere.

Having said this players should still try and step into the shot. The ball should be hit well in front of the body, the hips and knees should be low, and the head kept still.

Not much of a swing or follow through should be needed, just the opponents power from the incoming ball, to send the ball straight back over the net. Again balance and timing are crucial in hitting a successful approach volley.

After hitting this shot players should move further into the net.

Points to remember: Send the ball down the line if the player is positioned wide, or if the player is standing in the center of the court, they should play the ball back down the center to reduce passing angles.

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