This shot can be used on the forehand, backhand, and two-handed volleys. It is most effective when the opponent is positioned at the back of court because of the distance they have to travel to return it.

Tennis Volleys

How: When attempting a drop volley it is important that the player lets the wrist flex on contact with the ball, this ensures some of the power is soaked up by the strings, and hopefully drop the ball just over the net.

There is no follow through involved in this volley as any forward movement of the racket may cause the ball to drop in the mid-back court area, and control of the point would be lost.

Practice this shot on the forehand, backhand, and with two hands, and from different angles so players are confident from all positions.

Confidence in a players own ability is again important to execute this shot properly and make it difficult for an opponent to return it with interest.

Points to remember: Loosen the grip just before contact is made with the ball. Try to disguise the shot as much as possible so it is not read by the opponent, giving them enough time to choose a passing winner.

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