This shot can be used on either the forehand or the backhand, and is the most aggressive of the volleys. It involves a player stepping in to intercept an opponents deep ground shot, in the air before it bounces.

Tennis Volleys

The difference between this and other volleys is that the racket head is held lower and the shot is hit with a lot of topspin and power.

How: The preferred grips used to execute this volley are the western and semi-western. Players should be confident, and must not hesitate when moving in to hit this shot.

To hit a drive volley on the forehand side for a right handed player rotation should take place at the shoulders, trunk, and hips, with the left hand out in front to track the ball.

Weight and momentum need to be kept moving forward. The back swing can be shortened by keeping the elbow in close to the body, and the face of the racket should be a little closed. The wrist should be slightly above the racket head.

When making contact with the ball, well in front of the body, players should accelerate through the ball, keeping the wrist quite loose to generate the topspin with a complete follow through.

After making contact players should keep moving in towards the net to reduce the angles for a return.

Points to remember: Practice this stroke on both forehands and backhands, and make sure players accelerate through the ball to make a return difficult.

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