This is considered as one of the most difficult shots in tennis, therefore players never choose to hit this shot, but sometimes it is forced upon them. It is also a defensive shot. If an opponent sees a player advancing to the net they will often try and aim the ball at the players feet to make it difficult for them. This is because all players know that the half volley is hard to judge because it is not a full ground stroke, or a normal volley, it falls between the two


Tennis Volleys

How: The half volley maybe needed at any point on the court, for instance, if a player is hitting from the baseline and their opponent plays a very deep shot that hits the baseline a half volley will be used to return the ball.

Keeping eyes on the ball is essential when executing this shot, because it has to be hit in front of the body and timed to perfection. Players should move to meet the ball on the bounce, and hold a low position until contact has been made.

Try to hit the ball back deep and carry on moving into the net after playing a half volley.

Points to remember: Keep low on the ball, if players lift up the ball will probably hit the net.

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