This volley is used on both the forehand and backhand side, and involves players punching through the ball. This means a short back swing, and little follow through. If a player does swing through on this type of volley it is very difficult to control and will more often than not go out of the court.


Tennis Volleys

How: For this type of volley the grip should be held tight to keep the racket steady when the ball makes contact with the strings. If the grip is weak the contact of the ball will force the racket back and the ball will fall short.

The non-playing hand should be held out in front of the body to track the ball and help with balance. Then the ball should be punched or blocked back over the net, keeping the eyes on the ball at all times.

Points to remember: To keep this stroke short players should keep the non-playing hand out in front to catch the racket as it comes through after making the shot. Keeping the wrist firmly in place and having the racket well above the wrist are also vitally important.

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