This shot can be used on forehand, backhand and two-handed volleys. This is one of the most difficult shots to play as it involves getting down low, and moving forward whilst holding the body steady.


Tennis Volleys

Not only this but the player must try and hit a shot that is non-returnable by the opponent. This shot most definitely takes good hand-eye coordination, patience to perfect it, and balance.

How: A neutral stance is most effective for this volley if the player has time. The back knee should be bent to allow the player to get down to the level of the ball, and help to keep a strong foundation. Balance can be improved by having a straight upper body, this can also help to use as little back swing as possible.

The continental grip is the standard grip used for this type of volley, combined with the face being slightly open on contact, helps lift the ball just over the net with a hint of backspin. The backspin will make it very difficult for the opponent to reach and get under the ball.

If players swing the racket whilst executing this shot the ball will drop in the mid-court area, and will allow the opposing player to pick a spot and play a passing shot. So little or no follow is required.

Points to remember: If the ball is hitting the net then the racket head is probably to low, so try and keep the racket above the level of the wrist, this should also give players maximum control over the shot.

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